Reel Popcorn Flavors and Prices

Our gourmet popcorn is made fresh daily in our store. We use full and fluffy mushroom popcorn and create each of our 47+ flavors by hand. Reel popcorn offers bags of popcorn, gift certificates, and specialty products like Boxes, Tins, and Buckets. We also create custom products for special events and pop for bulk and corporate orders. Pop by the store and try them all!


Snack Small Medium Large X-Large
5 cups 10 cups 1.5 gallons 3 gallons 6 gallons




Fluffy mushroom popcorn coated with gourmet cheeses and dusted sprinkled with imaginative blends of herbs and spices.

Bacon Cheddar Cheddar
Jalapeño Cheddar Buttery
Loaded Potato Coconut Curry
Sour Cream & Chives Nacho Cheese
Garlic Parmesan BBQ
Wasabi Ranch White Cheddar
French Onion** Hot Pop
Creamy Dill Pizza
Ranch Salt & Vinegar
Buffalo** Cinnamon Toast**
Smokin Chipotle Sun-dried Tomato Basil**


Full, fresh kernels of popcorn coated with a candy coating. Our Kernels can create any color to meet your needs. Our caramel corn is our own vanilla-based original recipe.

Banana Vanilla
Grape Strawberry
Cherry Orange
Blue Raspberry Cinnamon
Blueberry Homemade Caramel
Green Apple  Black Cherry**


Decadent popcorn mixes that incorporate gourmet chocolates, nuts, & fruits.

Cornfetti – 9 fruit flavors Maui Wowie**
White Chocolate Pretzel Honey Cinnamon**
Caramel Pecan White Chocolate Candy Cane**
Cookies & Cream Pumpkin Pie**
Banana Pudding** Tuxedo**

** Seasonal flavors. To special order a seasonal flavor out-of-season, contact the store.

Flavor Mixes

Deliciously designed flavor combinations. Choose from one of the favorites or design your own mix.

Cheddar & Caramel - White Cheddar & Caramel
Berrylicious - Blueberry, Strawberry, & Blue Raspberry
Candy Apple - Green Apple & Caramel
Texas Trio - Cheddar, Ranch, & BBQ
Cheese Punk - Cheddar, White Cheddar, & Nacho Cheese
Texas Longcorn - Vanilla & Orange
Kill Dill - Dill, Salt & Vinegar
South of the Border - Nacho Cheese & Jalapeno Cheddar
Austin Mix - Buttery, Cheddar, & Carmel
Smokey & The Bandit - Jalapeno Cheddar & Smokin’ Chipotle
Buffalo Wing - Buffalo, Ranch or Bleu Cheese
Blazing Saddles - Hot Pop, Jalapeno Cheddar, Smokin’ Chipotle, & Wasabi Ranch